yoxiaolu: Hiii, can i just say that i am such a big fan of all of your work, its ALL amazing. Especially the hair! how do you make it look so thin and soft, i get really impatient with hair :/ And with the sketches, the lighter shades, do you use a rubber to create the contrast or do you just use the pencil in different tones? Sorry for the long post, im still learning how to draw :)

Hiii, thank you so much.
Ahah I know how you feel, hair has always been a big challenge. I used to be impatient too, but then, after a lot of practice, I learnt a way to draw it and now I think it’s the funniest part.
It’s hard to explain my drawing method, but you guessed well, I use pencils in different tones. Hopefully I’ll make a video tutorial soon ^^ 

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Anonimo: In the name of Arthemis and Seth please draw Minseok(BAOZI) too. :( With Luhan if you would like to :( PLEEEEAAASEEEEE

Omg you’re absolutely right, I should draw him more often! I will soon :)

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Anonimo: EXO + your art = MAGIC. You are very talented. Keep the hard work.

Your words brightened my day. Thank you so, so much! 

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onceeveryredmoon: Hi I LOVE your art work and wanted to know if you draw everything with guidelines like graphing paper and scanning from like a computer and then painting in the lines, or you just draw what you think and you proportion things mentally? (New fan!!) ♡

Hello my dear, new fan; thank you for your nice words ^^
Anyway, I don’t use guide lines, I draw intuitively. You can easly make proportion mistakes at first, but this is the only way you can learn to draw for real.
And also, I hear Tao is your bias too… I tend to feel close Tao’s stans so nice to meet you!

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imayifangirl: Would you make a tutorial about how you procede for a regular drawing ? I think it could be really instructive ! However, it's up to you :) keep on the good work !

If it can be helpful for someone, why not?

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missilesleftgapingouts: It's really good o.o your chankai drawing.

Thank you, I’m glad you like it :) 

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fangirlcrzy: Your art is awesome! So detailed that it looks almost real. Wow! Do you take requests?

Thank you so much! 
Yeah, I take requests. You can suggest me something to draw or you can request a commission which is obviously going to be paid.
Let me know :)

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exoticbabygurl: I am using your Suga's drawing as a cover for my math notebook, it is so awsome I just couldn't help myself...

That’s so sweet. Thank you 

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xiaolulan: Annyeong unnie!! i really really love your arts.. that's all so wow.. breathtakingly awesome! i love them all, really <3 And oh can I request Baekhyun and Chanyeol drawing, the two of them are smiling each other while wearing a scarf for them. aah it would be cute > < So uuh that's all. forgive my bad english unnie ; ; I would be glad if you draw that one.. > < Thanks so much <3 I'll be your fans from now one heheh

Everybody is asking me to draw Chanyeol; he must be pretty popular these days.  Anyway, alright! The Chanbaek couple is never a bad idea. I’ll keep your suggestion in mind, thank you ^^

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Anonimo: hello, sorry to bother you but would you mind letting us know some of your favorite materials to work with ? your art is amazing !

Hello~ you don’t bother me at all, no need to worry.
So, here you are! 
1) Printer paper for sketches. It’s nice when it’s cheap, you kinda feel more free to be imperfect. For final works I use Canson watercolor paper, but unfortunately it’s quite expensive.
2)Pencils. I have a huuuge range of them, from 9H to 9B.
3)Colored pencils. The brand I’m currently using is Lyra, but I’d like to try prismacolor colored pencils since they’re known to be really good.
4) Ink. It’s similar to watercolor but it’s a lot better.

Anyway, thank you 

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