Anonimo: I have a been a big fan for a long time and I want to say, YOU ARE LITERALLY THE MOST AMAZING ARTIST I'VE SEEN. I've been following your art for a while now and I am absolutely in love with everything you draw. The amount of details you put into a piece is beyond my comprehension at times and it takes a while for me to register all its beauty. I hope you have a great day! :)

Oh my God, this is probably the most heartwarming message I’ve ever received. I wish you weren’t anonymous and we could be friends. I don’t even know how to properly thank you… you just made my day. THANK YOU.

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Anonimo: oh god ♡.♡i'm in love with your drawings!! so beautiful♡ you're so amazingly talented♡ can't stop scrolling down. i heard that you'll make a video tutorial, is it coming soon? what will you include in that video? also you draw amazing with colored pencils too! tao with greenish hair with birds is my fave~ please give some tips about using colored pencils :) or record a video while you draw with colored pencils or ink or both in one? :) which brand ink do you use? and pls draw kai more♡ thanks♡

Yeah, I’m planning to make a youtube channel and post tutorials and speed drawings. Unfortunatelly, I don’t have what I need for filming right now, but I expect a nice birthday present from my parents… ahaha
Just let me know what you guys want me to show you and I’ll try to satisfy all your requests. Colored pencils seem to be the most quoted :)

Anyway, I’ve drawn Kai pretty often lately. I kinda miss my Zitao ;;

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jcngkey: Mmmmm~ you're so wonderful. I just wanna sit down and doodle all day with you. -huggies- Good work, friend.

Wah such a nice scenario! It would be great to doodle with you all day long. 
Thank you for this sweet message ^^ 

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yoxiaolu: Hiii, can i just say that i am such a big fan of all of your work, its ALL amazing. Especially the hair! how do you make it look so thin and soft, i get really impatient with hair :/ And with the sketches, the lighter shades, do you use a rubber to create the contrast or do you just use the pencil in different tones? Sorry for the long post, im still learning how to draw :)

Hiii, thank you so much.
Ahah I know how you feel, hair has always been a big challenge. I used to be impatient too, but then, after a lot of practice, I learnt a way to draw it and now I think it’s the funniest part.
It’s hard to explain my drawing method, but you guessed well, I use pencils in different tones. Hopefully I’ll make a video tutorial soon ^^ 

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Anonimo: In the name of Arthemis and Seth please draw Minseok(BAOZI) too. :( With Luhan if you would like to :( PLEEEEAAASEEEEE

Omg you’re absolutely right, I should draw him more often! I will soon :)

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Anonimo: EXO + your art = MAGIC. You are very talented. Keep the hard work.

Your words brightened my day. Thank you so, so much! 

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onceeveryredmoon: Hi I LOVE your art work and wanted to know if you draw everything with guidelines like graphing paper and scanning from like a computer and then painting in the lines, or you just draw what you think and you proportion things mentally? (New fan!!) ♡

Hello my dear, new fan; thank you for your nice words ^^
Anyway, I don’t use guide lines, I draw intuitively. You can easly make proportion mistakes at first, but this is the only way you can learn to draw for real.
And also, I hear Tao is your bias too… I tend to feel close Tao’s stans so nice to meet you!

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imayifangirl: Would you make a tutorial about how you procede for a regular drawing ? I think it could be really instructive ! However, it's up to you :) keep on the good work !

If it can be helpful for someone, why not?

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