Happy birthday Luhan 

Kai during Exo comeback show

Suga (BTS)



My latest stuff + some works in progress~
I’ll post them as soon as I get a good quality scanning.

Lee HongBin~ Vixx

Kim Him Chan~
Inspired by 
1004(Angel) M/V

Anonimo whispered: Damn u're good at drawing :3 <3

Ahahah thank you! :D ♥

Shinee - Lee Taemin

Tao as snow warrior~

Shinee - Key

Byun Baekhyun
A boy, but as pretty as a girl.

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Sometimes, I fall more in love with an echo than the real thing.
Shinji Moon

(Fonte: hellanne)

Anonimo whispered: how long did it take you to draw that masterpiece of bi rain?

I spent the entire day drawing Bi Rain, but it came out pretty well at least. Thank you ^^